Energy Systems Video

Energy is truly the lifeblood of our economies, a critical infrastructure that affects all of our lives in virtually every activity. Throughout history one thing that has remained common for all economies is that economic development needs energy. How we access, transfer and transform this energy into the useful work of heating, lighting and motion forms what we call an energy system, a set of interrelated elements from the capturing of natural resources to processing and refining to transportation and distribution to consumption. But energy is not simply about technology it is multi-dimensional, involving natural resources, technology processes, economic and social institutions all of these variables interact to give us the out come to the energy system.

Energy Disruption

With the rise of renewables and the smart grid our energy architecture is surely going to go through a profound transformation in the coming decades but is this transformation happening fast enough?

Fueling China’s Future

China is a central element within the future of our global energy system because while the developing nations are winding down their energy consumption China is still increasing its energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Energy Systems Paper

Energy systems are a central enabling and limiting factor to the development of an economy. As such, the level of technological, social and economic complexity

Energy Systems Resilience

As economies develop they require a greater input of energy, and they become more dependent on the continuous input of that energy in order to maintain their basic structure and processes

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