Food Systems Video

Short video giving an overview to our food systems solutions paper. The global food system of today is truly complex in nature, crossing almost all areas from climate, water and energy, to finance and commodity markets, to politics and culture, all are interconnected through our global food system. Today's food and agribusiness forms a $5 trillion global industry, a complex system spanning from the small self-sufficient farmer in rural India, to multinational corporations trading commodities on international markets.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Food, water and energy are essential for economic development and the well-being of every society around the planet. When we talk about the "environment" it is to a large extent this nexus that we are primarily referring to

Food Platform Innovation

Our food supply chain is both incredibly efficient and inefficient all at the same time. The system is efficient in that it produces huge quantities of food at low prices and is able to move these products around the world at low cost

Conventional & Alternative Agriculture

In developed nations today there is growing demand from society for an agricultural system that is both scalable and sustainable, both able to deliver on quantity and quality. Unfortunately it would appear that we are still far from achieving this. On the one hand we have our conventional agricultural system, that has done so well in terms of sustained incre

Global Food System: In Numbers

Short video on the global food system shown in numbers. A large percentage of the 7.5 billion people on the planet receive an adequate diet in terms of calories but 770 million people are considered undernourished, several hundred million

Food Systems Paper

Food systems are probably the most ancient human construct, we have been developing new methods, processes and techniques for the capturing and trans

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