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Exploring Connections

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo da Vinci

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Exploring connections and patterns to make sense of a complex world

Systems Solutions is a web site that provides insight, analysis, and solutions into complex “wicked” problems, from water systems to finance to governance we use systems thinking to rethink the way things are done, helping individuals and organizations make sense of the complex changes and major trends shaping our world; develop solutions to wicked problems and see new business models and value propositions through decentralized systems. We provide a different kind of analysis by uses systems thinking to see the connections and patterns that are really shaping our world in this age of networks. We tell a different story about the rise of networks and how connectivity is transforming every aspect of our world. We provide a new lens to make sense of these changes in a coherent way, a world that appears chaotic and random when seen through the lens of more traditional ways of thinking starts to make sense when seen through the lens of connectivity and networks.

, About Systems Solutions

What happens when the world becomes connected?

, About Systems Solutions

Our world is changing in profound ways, while a revolution in information technology is disrupting every industry and aspect of society, new ways of thinking are desperately needed to not just disrupt but reconstruct. A centuries-old analytical reductionist approach to thinking that has built our modern world, that has been so successful in the past is no longer so. We can’t solve the problems of today with the same thinking that created them, new ways of thinking are needed to take us forwards, complexity and systems thinking provide a solid theoretical infrastructure for reframing debates, for requestioning issues and developing innovative solutions to current stumbling blocks – both in theory and in application. We believe that complexity + systems thinking are central to reinventing the way things work.

New Ways of Seeing

But much of our media and business analysis is blind to this new reality because of old ways of thinking; reductionism that leads us to focus on parts rather than connections and whole systems. Making sense of such changes requires this new way of looking at the world we call systems thinking that elevates our thinking from just seeing snapshots and individual events to seeing the connections. We analyze the world as parts we don’t see the networks, but there is a different story to be told, one about complex systems and the macro processes of change that are disrupting how we work and live. What does the world look like when we use a new lens, a new paradigm? We start to see the connections, patterns in the noise, the order in chaos. We work to document this new reality of the 21st century.
We serve a broad and diverse community of users from business management to researchers, to analysts, policymakers and technologies. Systems Innovation is a collaborative effort, a small network of members produce the web site and videos while an extended network of partners contribute to research and content production.

, About Systems Solutions

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