Systems Innovation is an economic analysis and business solutions platform based on complex systems. We provide insight, analysis, and solutions to help you tackle wicked problems through the use of complexity theory. We work to translate research from complexity science into solutions in a wide variety of domains. We are committed to tackling complex societal, economic, technological and environmental challenges that require systemic change; challenges to which there are no simple answers, but instead require deep insight, commitment, and innovative new approaches.


We provide a framework that helps organizations adapt and thrive in the complex environment that is our global economy of the 21st century, this complex systems based framework has five key elements.


We are moving into a globally integrated services economy characterized by the proliferation of complex systems, thriving in such an environment means a shift from closed well-bounded organizations to open platforms


Next-generation solutions will not come solely from centralized formal organizations they will be hybrids of user-generated distributed systems.


Things don’t happen in a straight line anymore, the next generation economy will be circular driven by feedback loops, solutions will be the product of many different small parts interacting in a nonlinear fashion.


Vertically designed centralized hierarchical organizations are becoming unbundled and distributed out into horizontal networks where connectivity is central.


The world is changing fast and organizations need to be normalized for a changing environment by being process oriented, event driven and capable of evolving.


The global economy is in a state of rapid change from an industrial model to a services and information based model. Within virtually every dimension to our economy, virtually every industry is going through a process of disruption, as we see the rise of more complex networked forms of organization. Coupled with advances in technology, our economy is moving into a new stage of development on a global scale but we are still using industrial age centralized solutions that were designed for the national level, across many domains from water to healthcare to energy this model is showing its limitations when trying to scale to meet the demands of this more complex global economic context.
Across all of these domains centralized industrial age systems of organization, that were designed for the national level are too basic for the complexity of the environment that we are increasingly operating in. Succeeding in the global, information, knowledge and services economy of the 21st century will mean harnessing complexity not resisting it, building systems that are able to harness the creative power of diversity, interconnectivity, interdependence, adaptation and evolution. We help organizations to make this leap, to understand and harness complexity in developing more complex forms of organization that are adapted to this new context.